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Route 138, Voluntown

December 14, 2008

This hardly belongs on this blog, but it’s here. I happened to be hiking near Voluntown when I heard about this show and how they were filming nearby. They finished up on a Saturday and I was there Sunday morning.


The house is ugly and way too big. It doesn’t fit in to the area at all. BUT – this family deserves whatever they can get. I actually watched the show (most of it anyway; I think football was on) and man, it’s a heart wrencher. I’ve since been told all these home makeover shows are like this which begs the question – why would anyone ever watch this stuff? It’s brutal.

What happened to the Girard family is insanely horrible and this show is pretty cool I guess. You can watch it youselves here if you want.

Go ahead and watch the remaining four parts if you want to cry some more.

Anyway, there was a traffic jam in front of the house that day in November. Probably the first traffic jam in Voluntown in its history.

Voluntown Traffic Nightmare!

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  1. Boop says:

    You think that’s ugly, you should’ve seen the BRIGHT ORANGE monstrosity they built in Tucson, Arizona.


    It turns out that they didn’t get the homeowner’s association’s approval of the color so they had to repaint it a more neutral color. It’s still a monstrosity…

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