XX. Town Fairs & Cultural Festivals


I didn’t want to do this, because I don’t want to go to anymore town fairs than I have to for museum purposes, but several people said I should because I have a couple funny pictures from a couple fairs. That’s right, I don’t like town fairs. I don’t like fair food and I see no allure in judging vegetables like this picture shows. I find them overpriced, repetitive and slightly embarrassing. I didn’t grow up here, so they aren’t part of my DNA. I’ve never been to the Big E. But I do recognize their function as a time-killer when you have kids, so there’s that. I’d be far more apt to go to random cultural fairs like the Ukranian Festival I pass in New Britain every summer. So maybe I’ll throw some of that in here too.

Now, I don’t have many pictures from some of these things, so this is all pretty stupid.


Blue Slope Country Farm Fall Festival, October 2010 (Franklin)
Riverview Farms Fall Festival, October 2010 (Glastonbury)
Berlin Fair, October 2010
Chester Winter Carnivale, February 2011
Hebron Maple Festival, March 2011
North Branford Corn & Potato Festival, August 2011
Guilford Agricultural Fair, September 2011
Celebrate West Hartford, June 2012
Woodstock Fair, September 2012

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