Berlin Fair

Berlin Fair
October 2010

Attended: Sunday Afternoon
Parking: Free
Distance to Fair: 5 minute walk across gravel lot
Cost: $12 for each person over 11
Something Unique: TWO museums
Overall rating: Fair

This was my very first honest-to-goodness classic Connecticut fall town fair as a married individual. (My ex-girlfriend, whom I think the world of, dragged me to a couple fairs back in the day… And I never understood why.) If you don’t live in town and you don’t have kids, I don’t get it. Unless, of course, you’re ME and you heard there was a museum within the fair.

Now imagine you’re me and you go to the Berlin Fair and find out there are TWO museums there! Oh my. I LOVE town fairs!

Our visit to the Berlin Historical Museum at the Berlin Fair
Our visit to the Berlin Agricultural Lions Museum there.

I know enough to know they are all the same, so there’s no point going into the details of the Berlin Fair. I did eat a giant turkey leg and Hoang and I very much enjoyed the vegetable contests. But looking at their website, I see such fun things as a “chubbiest baby contest.”

Nowhere near as exciting as the sign portends

And there’s some fair fair history too: “From its inception in 1882 as a Harvest Festival, The Berlin Fair still remains a focal point of the community. In the early 1900’s, the festival became the State Agricultural Fair and was held annually until 1919. Brought back to life in 1948 by The Berlin Lions Club.

The Berlin Fair has provided local community groups the opportunity for fundraising with booths offering home made foods, crafts, services and games. A favorite with all Fairgoers is the animal exhibits and pulls that occur throughout the weekend. In addition, the Fair has a varied entertainment schedule with everything from Pie Eating Contests and Frog Jumping to music for all ages and an exciting Midway.

Funds raised by the Berlin Lions Club over the years have been used to support both youth and adult activities in Berlin and the surrounding community. Scholarships, youth athletic programs, DARE, and senior activities are just a few of the groups that have benefited from the Fair. We also support the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation and the CT Lions Low Vision Center as part of the Lions commitment to sight programs.”

But again, there are TWO museums here. Woo hoo.

Town fairs are safe if nothing else. That tape is DOUBLE wrapped around that power strip above the fish tank.

I’ve always wondered if actual special forces dudes ever displayed these things.

I think the random collections of crap up for judgment is my favorite thing at fairs. Here, some Beanie Babies, some Bruins stuff and some beer pitchers. Awesome.

Damian points out the hilarity of glowing eyes.

Classic fair fare: old steam engines bursting ear drums

Then the clouds parted and both museums were in view…

The pure joy evident on my wife’s face keeps me going…

That’s the look of love, people. LOVE.

The Berlin Fair

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  1. medicontheedge says:

    My grandfather, Earl Dingly Watrous, sold Venus Fly Traps planted in large plastic eggs… anyone remember this?

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