Housatonic River Gorge and Cascades

I’m Not Sure About This One
Housatonic River Gorge and Cascades, Bulls Bridge

November 2011

[Note: For my Waterfalls pages, I’m using the town designation used by the Connecticut Waterfalls 2013 guidebook. Because sometimes it’s fun. Like now... because as you all know, Bulls Bridge is actually just a part of Kent. Bulls Bridge does self-identify as Bulls Bridge at least, so I’ll give the author that.]

These falls (cascades, officially) are included in the new (2013) Connecticut Waterfalls guidebook, so I’m adding this page two years after visiting. And since I’m lazy, I’m not going to go find the CD that contains the original pictures to give you the lovely giant waterfall picture you so richly deserve. Since I didn’t know this cascade would make a guidebook in the future, I didn’t spend any time taking proper pictures, so this is all I’ve got.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Housa who?
Housatonic River Gorge and Cascades.
That’s not funny. That doesn’t make any sense. You’re stupid.

Housatonic you.

Stop. Shut up. What does that even mean?

Housa-Housa-Housatonic boo!

Do you know how knock-knock jokes work?

A cow say Housatonic moo.

What is wrong with you?

Hou’s there? Housatonic you!


Anyway, in my opinion the Connecticut Waterfalls guide could have left this one out. Like, you know how you’re a little annoyed but-not-really that you just read that bit of nonsense just above? That’s kind of how I feel about the inclusion of the little ripples and rapids between the Bulls Bridge bridge an the Anderson Memorial Bridge on the Appalachian Trail. (Ned Anderson laid out the original section of the AT in CT and did tons of other wonderful things for hiking in the state.)

I don’t think anyone would consider these to be waterfalls, although yes, water is falling over rocks.

That said, a nice day out on this section of the AT is certainly worth your while, as it parallels the Housatonic; at times level with it and other times high above it. I fortunately took two pictures of the Housatonic River Gorge and Cascades the last time I was out there, so now you have this page. Such as it is.

Here is my page about the nearby section of the AT.


Accessibility: The AT hike from Bulls Bridge to here is relatively easy for western CT. Skampering down along the river though, is potentially hazardous.

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