Celebrate West Hartford

Celebrate West Hartford
June 2012

Attended: Sunday Afternoon
Parking: Free!
Distance to Fair: 7 minute walk
Cost: Free!
Something Unique: The most advertising booths I’ve seen
Overall rating: Fair

Our hometown fair/festival thing is in June. It is in a big parking lot and along sidewalks. Like everything in West Hartford, everyone with a stroller shows up to townwide events (including us). Nothing really unique here, though I did ask a Linda McMahon lackey if I looked like a millionaire when he tried to sticker me.

Just Damian walking by some painted face kid in a fancy wagon

Damian knew this was a Mini. Mom really wants one.

Some goats

Calvin in a hat.

Adding to my collection of the “undisputed world’s best” sundae stands.

Sad older guy riding a kiddie swing.

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