Bush Meadow Farm

The Boy Who Stared at Goats
Bush Meadow Farm, Union

November 7, 2009

bmf“Today? Oh, we’re gonna take a little drive up to Union.” Not exactly words often spoken by anyone – in Connecticut, let alone anywhere else. Ah, Union… Connecticut’s least populated town with only 693 residents as of the 2000 census), possibly least discussed town and probably least visited town. Although technically, since I-84 drives through its borders, I suppose that’s not true. Approximately one third of the town is state park land, including the beautiful and remote Bigelow Hollow State Park.

Union makes the news at least once every year either for suffering the state’s highest snowfall or for little kids gone missing in the deep woods up there. Union makes its debut on CTMQ (but we’ll visit again a few more times) for some goats. Rather productive goats, it turns out.

farm1The last stretch of I-84 in Connecticut (going east) not only looks remote, but is remote. There are no billboards, no buildings, no nothing for many miles. Once off the highway in search of Bush Meadow Farm, the remoteness is only amplified. The farm is actually only a few minutes off the exit and while it’s true that no one lives up here, ours wasn’t the only car in the dirt lot.

Goats were penned and roaming happily all around the large building as we entered and were heartily greeted by the proprietor, Barry Kapplan. I was immediately fascinated by this place for some reason. The “dining/sales” room was rather huge, but only outfitted with a few tables for dining. Antique farming implements were hung here and there as well as a bunch of goat portraits. Yes… Goat portraits.

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