Bethel Snake(?) Rock

Snake in the Grass
Chestnut Hill Road and Gretchen Lane, Bethel

So I was visiting friends in Bethel the other day and much to my surprise, there’s a painted animal rock near their house.

Was I surprised to find another elusive Connecticut painted animal rock? No.

Was I surprised it seems fairly old and well-worn? No.

I was surprised my friends haven’t (yet) read every single one of the 1000+ pages on CTMQ to have known to alert me to this guy.

Just when you think you know people…

(Just kidding. Hey Amy and Ryan – maybe you can discern just what this guy is supposed to be for me.)

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One response to “Bethel Snake(?) Rock”

  1. 06801 says:

    I grew up on this street and can say that this is not a snake, but a frog! We affectionately (and appropriately) call this “the Frog Rock.” When I was a kid, we would go down to a swampy pond that used to be at that corner to catch frogs and salamanders. I remember a few times that we got together with other families to paint the rock. The lot has since been developed but we still use the painted frog as a landmark when we give directions.

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