Vatican Gardens Replica

Hail Mary, Full of Mace
Vatican Gardens Replica, Bridgeport

May 17, 2008

vgd.jpgI’m stuck. I don’t know what to write. But really, this place certainly deserves a spot on CTMQ as it is very, very unique and “curious.” As I am not Catholic, nor was I ever Catholic, I cannot speak upon the various saints and icons and all that stuff. I did have Rob C with me, however, who knows a Papal thing or two. All I can tell you is that someone with a lot of faith and free time went nuts at St. Margaret’s Chapel in a surprisingly suburban section of Bridgeport.

Fortunately, we have the Internet these days, to assist your author with such explanatory endeavors. So, Internet, how did this place come about?

vgc.jpg“St. Margaret’s Chapel was built in the year 1942. The world was at war – men, women and children were dying – how does a community honor those people who lose their lives during such treacherous times? One community in suburban Bridgeport CT planned and erected the above St. Margaret’s Chapel and Shrine partly for this purpose, it would be a Monument to Peace built in memory of those who had lost their lives. The people, who were of Catholic faith, chose the name St. Margaret after the shepherdess who is the patron saint of pregnant women and working girls.

Over the years, the area surrounding the church with its rocky terrain came to be the home of numerous religious shrines and gardens. This was an area where ordinary people came from all over to experience the feeling of a precious sanctuary – for moments escaping the harsh realities that they faced in their every day lives. It was and is a place to experience the spiritual side of things.”

vgb.jpgWait – patron saint of working girls? I’m confused by that, but I’ll let it go. The site I got that from has a rather unique little Quicktime movie of the chapel inside – which you should check out – if only because that 360 degree “picture” was done by piecing together multiple still camera shots. And it looks pretty cool.

Oh there’s more! A maudlin YouTube video of the place set to Tom Waits’ “Georgia Lee.” If that one was too slow, this one is a bit more upbeat (with more irony and imagery than I could even piece together) set to Waits’ wonderful Chocolate Jesus. Both pretty much tell the whole story of this haunting and surreal place.

Like Waterbury’s singular Holy Land (CTMQ Visit here!), this shrine was really quite a site at one time. But now it is run down and kitschy and weird. There are paths up hills to nowhere and little buildings with nothing in them anymore. There are copies of statues in grottos containing mosaics, and replicas of famous pieces like Michaelangelos’ Pieta.

I don’t have much more except that I’m glad I stopped by here on my day long Bridgeport-Milford CTMQ day. Next time I run into a working girl, I’ll let her know I said a prayer for her over at her Patron Saint’s shrine. Oh yeah… and apparently people get married here. That’s just gross.


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3 responses to “Vatican Gardens Replica”

  1. Chris says:

    Only one thought from me on this one…

    What’s with the shirt and tie?

  2. Rob says:

    The place was pretty freaky.

    I don’t care if you are the most Catholic Catholic in all of Catholicism, to have your wedding pictures taken here is weird and, dare I say, a bit tacky.

  3. Eva says:

    I remember visiting this site over 15 years ago when my husband and I lived in Bridgeport. We saw it lit up at night and draped with holiday lights for the Christmas season. I noticed the “JesusLand” YouTube montage had a photo of a “no trespassing after dark” sign. Is it possible to visit at night, for the maximum surreal effect?

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