Riverview Farms Fall Festival

Riverview Farms Fall Festival
October 2010

Attended: Sunday Afternoon
Parking: Free!
Distance to Fair: 2 minute walk from grass lot
Cost: Free!
Something Unique: Two-headed goat
Overall rating: Better than Fair

We’ve been to this thing a few times and it’s actually pretty great. It differs greatly from the overpriced, over-hyped town fairs in that it doesn’t have any carnival games or rickety rides or wiccan peddlers. This may be a negative to some, but to me, it makes it better.

It also has incredible freshly made apple fritters and Robb’s homemade ice cream – suit your fancy depending on the temperature. But if you have kids, or even if you just like animals, there is a sort of free range petting zoo that Damian just loves. There’s also a bounce house thing for typical kids who enjoy such pursuits: “You will find at least 10 different animals in our petting zoo. Mini-horses, goats, donkey, chickens, guinea fowl, baby chicks, cow and month old calf, llama, pigs, sheep and turkeys. We have 2 giant Flemish rabbits that are gentle as can be.”

I like this place so much that I have a separate page (with a younger, even cute Damian) over in the Animals section and yet another solely for their awesome two-headed goat attraction, which may no longer be there.

He gets all the chicks…

And the kids just love him

Eh, what’s a little goat spit ever harmed?

Until next year!

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