Indian Chair (Pomfret)

Indian Chair
Mashamoquet Brook State Park


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icbIt’s a rock. Shaped like a chair. It’s in the middle of the woods at Mashamoquet Brook State Park in Pomfret. I’m not sure what more I can say about it.

Indian Chair is right on the Blue Trail amidst a bunch of large cliffs near the top of a fairly steep little hill. The park has carved and helpfully painted yellow signs pointing the way – otherwise, you’d probably miss the rock chair, especially if approaching from the north. (Coming up the hill, from the south, your pace will be decidedly slower and the chair provides a perfect little spot to catch your breath.)

It’s pretty cool; this rock chair. It makes you feel like a caveman, relaxing over your woodland domain in the chair you just spent the season chiseling out of sheer boredom. Of course, this chair is entirely natural – though its placement certainly feels artificial; sitting out on a flat ledge above a fairly substantial cliff. I rather enjoyed hanging out in Indian Chair.

There are two other named natural rock formations in the park. The other two are the much more interesting Wolf Den (CTMQ Visit here and slightly less interesting Table Rock (CTMQ Visit here.

What better way to spend a couple hours than traipsing among some northeastern Connecticut hills and cliffs finding rock chairs and tables? Y’know, they should move Indian Chair over to Table Rock so people have a place to sit. I’ll see if I can use my CTMQ pull.


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