Elephant Rock (Simsbury)

I am Not an Animal! I am a Rock! I… Am… A Glacial Erratic!
Elephant Rock, West Simsbury

June 22, 2008

erb.jpgTrue, I originally intended to only capture the quirky roadside animal rocks, like Frog Rock in Eastford and Turtle Rock in Marlborough, but upon seeing Elephant Rock at Flamig Farm in West Simsbury, I had to document it.

Since there is no current official list of CT’s Painted-Like-Animals rocks, and I’m developing that list, I’m including this one. Besides, there is a dearth of Painted-Like-Animals rocks in the center of the state… or so we thought.

Flamig Farm is a petting zoo with all sorts of barnyard animals wallowing in filth, just waiting for my two-year-old to touch and taste said filth. (To their immense credit, wash sinks with soap were abundant.)

As we were leaving, I noticed Elephant rock and the nearby faded turtle rock (inspired, no doubt, by the real ones around CT) and an even more faded, indecipherable rock. Oh sure, I could have asked the lady who worked there what it was supposed to be… but nah, we just left.

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Flamig Farm
The Elephant Man

2 responses to “Elephant Rock (Simsbury)”

  1. honeybunny says:

    Damian is getting so big.


  2. cindy says:

    I don’t think this rock is there anymore. Could be wrong, but I haven’t noticed it.

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