Orenaug Park Stone Pillars

A Pillar of the Pillar World
Orenaug Park, Woodbury

January 7, 2012

To me, my title says it all. Oh sure, we have bigger stone pillars and more important pillars of our communities and rather handsome caterpillars in our state. But these pillars shall never be pilloried! For these are awesome pillars.

I just wish I took a better picture of them. Oh well.

At the entrance to Woodbury’s excellent Orenaug Park on Park Road, these towers welcome any and all who hike up the hill and around the park. So what makes them so special? They are one of the only two (that I know of) structures in Connecticut purposely made up of stones from all 50 states. (The other being a little stone building in Storrs, which I have visited as well.)

And that, my friends, is awesome. Another awesome thing here is the 80 foot high fire tower at the top of the hill. Yeah, we did that too.

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  1. Sarah G says:

    you know how when you say a word over and over again it starts to become untethered from meaning? And it starts sounding really weird?

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