Palindromic Lake & River

Oxoboxo Lake/River

Come on… I can’t be the only person who thinks this is cool. Now, I have no idea if this is the only place name in the state that is a palindrome, but I’m putting it out there. Until someone proves me wrong, Oxoboxo Lake and the Oxoboxo River that flows from it down to the Thames is the only place-name palindrome in Connecticut*.

And here it is:

It looks to be a lovely lake. It’s also an Australian company that makes crappy pre-made edible icing things.

*If there’s a beaver dam on the Mad River, I’m going to find it and call it the Mad Dam and count that too.

Impress your friends. Here it is!
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5 responses to “Palindromic Lake & River”

  1. Twelve Mile Circle says:

    No, you are not alone! Place Name Palindromes are great fun.

  2. Charlie Murphy says:


    I grew up on Lake Oxoboxo and the word OXOBOXO means ……many lakes from what I was told years ago. I used to find arrow heads in the back yard. Always swimming or skating on the lake.
    My Dad was Dr. Charles Murphy, he died in 1970 mt mom now livesin MA, 95 years old and loving the Condo life.

    had many great times on the lake….fond memories. MY license plate in California was
    Oxoboxo….got many questions about the name.

    would love to hear from old friends……Charlie Murphy……St Louis MO

  3. Joe Maciejny says:

    Interesting Site:
    I have lived on Oxoboxo Lake since 1979 and truly find it fulfilling. I remember Mrs Murphy sitting by the shore and waving to us as we passed by in our boat. Having a home on the west shore has given us many beautiful sunrises. My Connecticut plate is OXBOXO.

  4. Chris Brescia says:

    The name Oxoboxo comes from Oquesse-paug-suck, the Mohegan and Pequot name for Oxoboxo Brook, which means “small pond outlet.” According to “Connecticut Place Names,” the original name for the lake was Obsopogsant, which settlers called “Little Pond.” Lorenzo Dow, a colorful and well-known character of the early 19th century, named the lake Oxoboxo. Charlie Murphy, are you still in St. Louis, Mo.

    Chris Brescia
    St. Louis, MO

  5. Charlie Murphy says:

    Chris……I’m still in STL

    [email protected]

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