The Most Beautiful Bridge

Oh Yeah, Look at that Grade Separation!
Most Beautiful Bridge for Grade Separation in 1972

Scott Hill Road, Lebanon

Just when I think I’ve posted the stupidest thing to post a page on, I outdo myself. Of course, you all know I also love these types of dumb things, so I’m not complaining.


I will complain, though, about the American Institute of Steel Construction. Their website contains nothing to help me out with why in the world this rather standard looking bridge over Route 2 in Lebanon is beautiful in any way whatsoever.

Because to me, this bridge is no different from the tens of thousands of other bridges I’ve driven under and on. So thanks to my friend Rob Butterworth who alerted me to this important bridge. He, like me, can’t let a random plaque go unread. So enjoy… Maybe the links here will give you a greater appreciation.

But probably not.


You can start by “driving” over it. The plaque is on that prominent rock on the right.

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1960′s winning bridges! (that’s all I could find)
The 1973 winner from Kentucky! (We take better care of our plaques.)
This is where it is.
“Drive” under it heading east
“Drive” under it heading west

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