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Oh It’s Not So Bad
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This house was featured in, I believe, Connecticut Curiosities several years ago and was deemed “an out of place Star Wars House.” The authors (one of whom I know) were probably just parroting what someone from Salisbury told them, as I’m sure that town can be pretty stodgy. Since the address was written in the book, I’m not afraid to expose it:

I happened to drive by after a couple days in the Catskills – it’s right off of 44, but you can’t really see much of the house from the road. Here’s what you can see:

You see? It’s not all that crazy. And if you flew over it in a hot air balloon, here’s what it looks like:

So why do a page on this? Simple: Because 4 people over the next 10 years will search for “Salisbury Star Wars House” and find this and not waste their time driving to Salisbury for it.

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