Days 2 & 3: Monaco & Nice

July 11

We hopped on a train in Nice that took us over to Monte Carlo so we could do some cheap shopping. Ha. In reality, we hoofed it up the steep hill overlooking town to the Monaco exotic garden and cave. While this isn’t on most Monte Carlo itineraries, it should be as it was awesome. Here’s a video of the place.

Afterwards, we checked out the casino of course and watched all sorts of billion dollar cars zoom in and out. All of your preconceptions of how Monte Carlo is are absolutely true. No joke. We did not see Puff Daddy, as he was known at the time.

July 12

The next day we slept a lot to calibrate ourselves to Europe. Other than that, we toured all around Nice and ate some more great food. It was around this point when we realized that people in southern France are extremely good-looking. Seriously, it’s a tad ridiculous.

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