Tour Stop 3: Bend it Like Damian

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Me and Damian in my living room

June 10, 2006

Day two of my World Cup Tour didn’t leave my couch. My options were limited and besides, it’s time Damian learns a few things about sports and fandom. He’s got some English blood in him from somewhere, so at 9AM we watched a rather lackluster performance in England’s 1-0 victory of Paraguay. Our hero David Beckham scored (sort of) and looked quite dapper doing so. Oh, Becks!

I say, dear chap, Ye Merry ol’ England could use a spot of tea

After England’s victory it was time for Sweden versus Trinidad and Tobago. Seems kind of unfair that Sweden had to play two countries, but whatever. TnT were 2000-1 underdogs and amazingly came out with a 0-0 tie. I now know how a 0-0 game can be exciting. What’s more, after the final whistle seeing the TnT team and crowd celebrating like they just won a billion bucks while the Swedes cried in their meatballs was a bit of a new experience for me and Damian. Soccer is weird like that.

Ya Damian, ya, da Svedes is goot, ya. But dey tie today, ya

Damian grew tired of reading about the Swedes and their cheap furniture

The last game today was Argentina versus Ivory Coast. Argentina is a bunch of pansies who fake injuries all over the field and the ref was totally in their court. It made me totally angry to watch this game. Damian too, as he was all about Ivory Coast as you see below.

Damian had to wear a bib because the phony divers on Argentina were making him throw up.

My boy likes the underdogs. Ivory Coast? Big fan, big fan.

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