Peakbagging Tallies

Peakbagging Tallies

This page is pretty much just for me and the select few who understand what stuff like 80/115 (67/67, 12/46, 1/2) means. (Which isn’t my tally, but rather my friend Cumulus’s at the time of me writing this sentence.) My current tally is a tiny fraction of his, and if you don’t immediately understand those numbers but are still interested in peakbagging, you can stick around too. I hope to complete the peakbagging lists I’ve chosen before I die.

Note: All peaks climbed before Hoang/Internet/Digital cameras have been forfeited. That’s pretty much all those non-state highpoints along the Appalachian Trail through New England. As I have scant memories and no pictures of most of them (AT 97 GA-ME), I feel like doing them all again.

My Tally (2001 – Present)

Last Updated 2/2014

Adirondack 4000 Footers: 1/46
Catskills 3500 Footers: 10/39
New Hampshire 4000 Footers: 2/48
New England 4000 Footers: 4/67
New England Hundred Highest: 4/100
Northeast 4000 Footers: 6/115
US Highpoints: 21/49 (I have no desire to attempt Denali)

There are other trails and peak lists that interest me, but I realize that I’ll be ridiculously lucky if I’m able to complete these lists. Now, there’s a ton of overlap on many of these, which gets a little annoying but hey, people like me like maintaining lists as much as completing them, so that’s okay. For example, Cumulus’s 80/115 etc means he’s done 80 of the 115 4000 Footers in the northeast which is made up of the 67 of the 67 in New England, 12 of the 46 in the ‘Dacks and 1 of the 2 in the Catskills. If one does the Cat35, ADK46 and NE4K lists, one has also completed the NorthEast4K’s. Eh, you’ll figure it all out if you want to.

Oh there are other rules and such, but Google and other places on CTMQ will help you out with all that.

4 responses to “Peakbagging Tallies”

  1. Cumulus says:

    I just noticed this page. Thanks for the mention. It just so happens I recently put up a post on Rock on Top’s new blog feature about my hiking goals. It’s here.

    This is my new sig for hiking fora:


    NE111: 80/115 (67/67, 12/46, 1/2)
    Cat35: 3/39; WNH4K: 16/48; NEFF: 23/50
    LT NB 2009

    “I don’t much care where [I get to] –” said Alice, “– so long as I get somewhere,” …
    “Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”
    - Lewis Carroll

  2. Wil Bindler-Desbiens says:

    I know how these lists go. I completed the NH4s in 1961 at 18 and just completed the 115/115 WINTER last month at 68. I have also done the 100/100, 115/115 and only Hunter/Slide winter/other in the Catskills. Having done the 100 highest when I was younger, I don’t believe I am up that challenge in winter.

  3. Wil Bindler-Desbiens says:

    oops – left the wrong e-mail address

  4. Cumulus says:


    NE111: 115/115 (67/67, 46/46, 2/2); Cat35: 23/39; WNH4K: 29/48; NEFF: 31/50
    LT NB 2009

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