Days 1-3

Crazy ol’ Rhode Island
August 28-30, 2010

I don’t even have any pictures of the 29th and can only assume we did nothing but lounge around and go to the beach all day. But on the 30th we did venture out to Newport for the usual Newport stuff but also a stop at the somewhat lame Save The Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium in Newport and something else called Purgatory Chasm, which sounds about 100 times cooler than it actually is.

Day 1, Settling in:

Sunset at Point Judith

Post clam shack satiation

Day 2, I guess we just went to the beach all day.
Day 3, Newport and environs:

This is not to show Hoang making a goofy face, or Damian making a goofy face, but to show that Hoang felt that the challenge of doing a fairly difficult puzzle on a printed surface would be more exciting.

Time to head out to Newport

Crazy child with crazy starfish

Crazy mottled lobster!

Crazy seahorses!

Crazy flounder!

Crazy difference of complexion

Crazy good picture

Crazy blue eyes with crazy blue shirt

Crazy jellyfish tank

Crazy purgatory chasm. Here’s some guy’s video of it

I learned at this moment how terrified Damian is of heights. He’d never gripped my neck so tightly before.

Back at our vacation house…

Some crazy chickens appeared in the yard!

“Peace out chickens.”

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