Days 10 & 11: Carcassonne & Grenoble

July 19 and 20

I was told by a friend that we should avoid Carcassonne on our trip. We did avoid staying there – or even really staying too long there – as it’s basically a tourist trap. A really, really cool tourist trap. We went to the city’s famous fort and then pretty much got out of there and over to Grenoble in the Alps. Have I mentioned yet on these pages how incredible the food in France really is? It’s ridiculous. Somehow we ended up in a Mexican restaurant in Grenoble, which had really odd pictures hanging around, as you’ll see below.

Another small beer with another 10PM meal (in Grenoble)*

*Note the LiveStrong bracelet – we got original originals, as they debuted at the 2004 Tour de France while we were there. Anyway, onto the next day after some morning rain…

I remember being very proud of this picture.

Yes, it’s true. Murses, man-purses, European carryalls… They are really called “Eurosacs”

Yeah, this really got our appetites up. (as seen in random Grenoblese Mexican restaurant.)

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