Our Highpointing Journal

I started documenting our highpointing trips back in early 2002 after we summitted our first state, Rhode Island. Back then, I wrote trip reports on a PC, printed them off, and inserted pictures like a 6th grade book report. I did this solely for myself, even though I felt all-the-while that I’d be transferring these reports to an online format someday – if only still for myself. The earlier trips are noticeably lacking in picture quality and quantity, as well as in content. As time went on, we got a digital camera… And then another better one. I also began writing much more detailed and lengthier reports, somewhere around highpoint number 3 or 4 (MA and DE). I will be leaving the original text intact, no matter how much it pains me to do so.

If you find this sort of thing interesting, and you like to read this stuff as much as I like writing it, rest assured – they get better as you go along. Also, you’ll notice that I make fun of the south and certain segments of our society here and there in the reports. It’s all in good fun and I harbor no ill-will towards anyone, so please, take it for what it is; nothing more than pure silliness.

Some commenters don’t agree with me but eh, so be it. They have to deal with living in South Carolina, not me.

See you on top.

This AWESOME shirt courtesy of CTMQ friend Caroline

Current Highpoint Total: 21.5 (The .5 was Washington DC).
Please read about Why we do this!

NOTE: All highpoints through Florida were completed before Damian (Hoang was a few months pregnant for that one) and originally posted on my old blog – so the writing style is a little different. I’ve amended some of it, but not much.

I really like the banner my brother made for my old blog (he made CTMQ’s too), so here it is. The image is Andy Goldsworthy’s.

Why Highpointing? Here’s why.
1. Rhode Island
*Again! With Damian! 1a. Rhody Redux
2. New Jersey
3. Massachusetts
4. Delaware
*Again! With Damian! 4a. Delaware redux
5. New Hampshire
6. Hawaii
*6a. Bonus! Southernmost Point in the US
7. Connecticut
8. Maine
9. Vermont
10. South Carolina
11. Georgia
12. Alabama
13. New York
14. Pennsylvania
15. Maryland
16. West Virginia
16a. *Bonus! Washington DC
17. Florida
18. Nebraska
19. Kansas
20. Oklahoma
21. Colorado

21 State Highpoints (42%)

3 responses to “Our Highpointing Journal”

  1. Kyle Warner says:

    If you ever want to do the high point in Colorado, Mt. Elbert (14,440ft) I will join you. I have 12 14′ers done and Elbert was one of my favorites.

  2. Dave Vogt says:

    You write great regarding your hikes. I assume you are aware of the highpointers club whose whole goal is to summit all of the 50 state highpoints. There are a lot of members and our yearly “konventions” are great. Give it a look.

  3. Mike says:

    Love the high pointing stories. Whenever I miss the mountains, I read these and I feel like I’m back out there again. Makes me want to start my own high point journal. It’s fun to read writing from a fellow Connecticutian. It’s interesting reading about CT trails that I have done as well. Brings back memories. Wonderful job! Keep it up and keep on hiking

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