South Florida, 2010

Everglades and South Beach
April 20-23, 2010

I’m sitting here trying to get rid of photos on the old iMac because the thing is pretty much filled up to capacity. Oh look! Hoang and I went to South Beach again a couple years ago. My parents were awesome for watching Damian for a few days in Delaware and we flew out of Philly south.

Here are 20 pictures.

Hoang looking cool next to a cool tree in the Everglades

Crazy ass Florida softshell turtle.

Watch out, Hoang. They are super fast. For real (strong language in video)

Tri-colored heron, I do believe

Definitely a blue heron

I’ll assume this is an anhinga, because we were on the Anhinga Trail

And logic says this is an anhinga too, but it sure looks like a double-crested cormorant to me

If I was an alligator, I’d bite her

There are about 20 alligators in this picture


I ended up being the first person to walk by this guy of several who’d stopped

Slightly less imposing

I hate this picture of me, but the sign cracks me up for some reason


South Beach…

… Even if your wife isn’t as beautiful as mine…

… It’s always worth the flight

Apparently alligators, perfect beaches and incredible outdoor dining on Spanish seafood dishes aren’t enough for her…

But this guy, who mosied across the intersection at tortoise pace and then held a conversation with someone in front of traffic for WAY too long, cracked Hoang up like nothing else

And then I drank some wine

And then we drank too much and danced and met some crazy people and had to wake up the next morning to catch the flight home and it was not fun and we will never drink liquor ever again before an early morning flight. The end.

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  1. J. G. Coleman says:

    I’m not sure about the first “anhinga” photo, but the second anhinga photo is actually a cormorant, as your intuition suggested. While I was out in the Everglades a few years ago, one of the park rangers explained a simple way to tell them apart: cormorants have hooked beaks… anhingas have straight beaks. They both tend to live side-by-side in many places.

    It’s tough to see the beak in the first anhinga photo, so I’m not sure about that one.

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