Days 1 & 2: Chill in Kauai

Days 1 & 2
Sheraton Kauai Resort

After the long flight west, what else would you want to do besides lounge around paradise? (Yeah, yeah, I know the other thing you’re thinking of…) So that’s what we did.

The view off our lanai thing

We got there late in the afternoon so this was our first beach picture. We had some giant clam sushi that night that was beyond awful. Then we slept a lot.

Okay. Maybe I didn’t get that much sleep.

We may have been tipsy, but I mentioned that this lady and her son had the same exact haircuts and we laughed inappropriately for way too long.

As will be a recurring theme on this trip, I dressed like a bum almost every minute of every day…

… But really, who cared then?

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