Relevant Non-CT Hiking Links

I used to actually have an entire section called “Links.” Seriously! I know, stupid right? I was wasting an entire header tab on stuff no one ever found interesting… or even ever found.

So here are some links about the various hiking and lists I’m interested in. Some are active, some are less so.

Views From the Top forum
Rocks on Top hiker community
AMC 4000-Footer Club
Catskill 3500 Club
Adirondack 46′er Club

Frowny Clown
Who wants to do all this hiking? I do.

Long Distance Trails That I Have My Eye On

New England Scenic Trail (CT and MA)
North-South Trail (RI)
Mid-State Trail (MA)
Mid-State Trail (PA)
The Long Path (NY)
Highlands Trail (NY and NJ)
Paumanok Trail (Long Island)
The Long Trail (VT)

Excellently funny NE Hiking site


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