Day 6

Green Scene
September 2, 2010

Tired of the beach, we struck out north up to Portsmouth for half the day. At some point in my life I got four free passes to any Newport Mansion properties. Two years prior, during our first Rhode Island trip, we all went to see The Breakers I think. Since the passes had no expiration date, I gave ‘em a shot at the Green Animals Topiary Garden which, although nowhere near the Newport Mansions, is part of them somehow. It was broiling hot I remember and Damian wasn’t having too much fun, but this is an undeniably cool place – Green Animals is the oldest and most northern topiary garden in the United States!

A nice opening picture of Hoang about to…

… Take this picture. Did I just BLOW YOUR MIND?

The real Joe Camel – with throat cancer and everything

Just trying to look natural walking by a topiary elephant

Actually, yes, I WAS making fun of the particular way Damian walks

Damian appears bamboozled

If only Damian wasn’t pitching a fit here (trust me), this would be a frame-worthy picture

Damian, asking for “more trellis” in the left picture, gets what he wants

This is my favorite topiary – a person riding a thing

What the duck?

This reminded me to go look at the CTMQ page dedicated to The #1 Threat Facing America today, Bears!

Art part 1

Art part 2

Then we went to go check out the seashore and tidal pools somewhere:

Hipster album cover photo

Hipster album liner notes photo

Then we went to the Newport Creamery:

The drink makes the man

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