Old Lyme (1)

Steven Peck House
Lyme Street and Beckwith Lane

Old Lyme is a lovely town. Really and truly. One could spend a day strolling down Lyme Street – just watch out for deer ticks I suppose. There are a few museums here and, of course, a stop along the Underground Railroad Trail.


This house was built at the turn of the 18th century for Samuel Peck. The Town of Old Lyme was regarded as a haven to escaped slaves and this home in Old Lyme could have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. Local lore tells that a small chimney-side room on the third floor may have been used to conceal runaways seeking shelter. This home is privately owned and not open to the public.

As a side note, I know a woman named Beckwith. In fact, she’s appeared on CTMQ in the past. This is actually merely a test to see if she ever happens upon this totally random page.


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  1. Rosemary says:

    I happened on this page! I live in Old Lyme and had no idea we were a stop on the underground railroad. How exciting. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

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