Connecticut Freedom Trail (126)

top.gifIn recognizing the importance to Connecticut of numerous sites in the state that are associated with the heritage and movement towards freedom of its African American citizens, the Connecticut General Assembly in 1995 authorized that these locations be developed into a Freedom Trail.

Updated 5/2013:

Amistad Trail (22 sites)
Concept of Freedom Trail (76 sites)
Underground Railroad Trail (28 sites)

The trail used to be mightily confusing, until the fine folks who put together such things released a much improved and updated trail website in February 2011. Of course, this played havoc with my BlogOCD and all my Freedom/Amistad/Underground Railroad Trail pages, but I accept the challege of updating my info to match the new reality.

The Walters Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church in Bridgeport

Included on the trail are buildings reported to have been used on the Underground Railroad, sites associated with the Amistad case of 1839-1842, and gravesites, monuments, homes, and other structures that represent the concept of freedom so cherished in the American mind. It is hoped that those who visit some or all of the locations on the Freedom Trail will gain a greater appreciation for the experiences and contributions of Connecticut’s African Americans.

Sorting out all those locations used to be very difficult, with competing and spotty information. But fortunately with the 2011 update, my quest is much clearer now. (They removed several locations from the trails but more importantly, they now provide a blurb on pretty much every single site. So now, my pages on CTMQ all at least contain something worth reading.) Of course the official Freedom Trail site says there are “over 130 sites” but I only see 122.

It’s always something.

The are three Trails that help make up the entire 122-site Freedom Trail. So I’ve followed their lead and broken them down the same way. Though I have an editorial problem with “the Concept of Freedom Traill,” I’m going with it.

In all honesty, I’ve learned some really interesting stuff while checking off these places around the state. Please, take some time to read about a few of these places. Choose them at random, or target your own environs, I don’t care.

Amistad Trail (22 sites)
Concept of Freedom Trail (76 sites)
Underground Railroad Trail (28 sites)

Jackie Robinson Park of Fame, Stamford


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