Oxford (1)

Washband (Washburn) Tavern
90 Oxford Road

Again, no information on this beautiful historic property*. Finding it marked my first time (that I’m aware) in Oxford. (I didn’t stay too long, but the drive through the woods over from Lake Zoar was lovely.) This important property is now an Ameriprise office, which is a cryin’ shame.

Ameriprise is a new breed of pyramid schemes that relies on two types of suckers – suckers to work there and suckers to give them their money.

You can Google them to read more… I’ll pick just one.

*Update! Though even with the great new informational Freedom Trail website, there’s still not too much about this building:

The Washband Tavern was built in the early 1700s and is said to have been a site on the Underground Railroad. The building operated as a tavern for four generations. Hiding places are said to exist in the cellar. This property is privately owned and not open to the public.

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