Stonington (1)

Charles W. Morgan, Mystic Seaport,
75 Greenmanville Avenue

Among the many displays at Mystic Seaport, renown for its maritime village and working craftspeople, is the ship Charles W. Morgan, last of the nineteenth-century wooden whaling vessels. Connected with this ship are information and displays noting the role of Connecticut’s African Americans in the state’s important maritime industries. Studies have shown that in addition to African Americans, Native Americans and other diverse groups made up 50 percent of whaling crews in the 1840s. The Charles W. Morgan is a National Historic Landmark, and Mystic Seaport is open to the public.

Hoang rocking it in front of the Charles Morgan

I said it in my Mystic Seaport report, this place is simply great. Certainly one of the best places to spend a day in Connecticut.

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  1. matthew says:

    The Charles W Morgan is presently undergoing a three year restoration. The ship was hauled in October.

  2. bruce mac donald says:

    The Morgan is being prepared for an unprecedented voyage this summer after an extensive and expensive upgrading. She will sail to some historic whaling ports and to some old whaling grounds in the north Atlantic. The world’s last wooden whale ship will set sail almost a century before being pulled to Mystic Seaport after she was left to rot in New Bedford following a successful career on the world’s oceans in search whale oil that was used to fuel the Industrial Revolution. Pretty cool stuff.

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