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norI love Norfolk. Love it silly. Of all the northwest towns that I love, Norfolk is the only one other than Salisbury with a sort of “downtown” worth remarking upon. The iconic Infinity Theater, an incredibly beautiful library, and some Yale properties everyone should see at least once. There aren’t too many dining destinations, which limits it a bit – especially when compared to Salisbury to the west.

But this page is about its woods. And Norfolk has some deep, dark, remote woods. And I love those deep dark woods. It also has many miles of dirt roads, three great state parks, and Beckley Bog, one of our state’s National Natural Landmarks. (My visit to it here.) Talk about for boding and remote! – and beautiful.

There are also two of Connecticut’s ten highest peaks straddling route 272 near the Massachusetts border.

Norfolk is the “Icebox of Connecticut,” due to it having the lowest average annual temperature in the state.

And lastly, locals pronounce it “Norf*ck,” which I’ve always enjoyed.

The local land trust’s trail guide includes the three state parks, so to be consistent with their efforts, I’ll include them here as well, even though they are clearly not land trust properties.

Norfolk Land Trust Trails

(If linked, I’ve hiked it)

Barbour Woods
Campbell Falls State Park, April 19, 2014
Dennis Hill State Park
Haystack Mountain State Park


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