Winchester Land Trust Trails

Winchester Land Trust Trails
Winchester (duh)

win_nAh, Winstedester. Yes, Winsted is not a town, but merely part of Winchester. Certainly one of the top five “oh really?” towns in Connecticut. My brother-in-law lives in Winsted and would never, in a billion years, say he lives in Winchester.

Poor Winchester, home of the now-defunct Kerosene Lamp Museum.

Poor Winsted, home of what everyone claims is a bunch of meth addicts roaming the main street – but which I identify with Ralph Nader and John Dankosky. The hills north of downtown are actually kind of pretty and the expanse referred to as Winchester is as rural as you’ll find in the state.

It’s a weird town.

The Winchester Land Trust was organized in 1988 by local citizens who were concerned with the increasing pressure to develop Winchester’s land and the subsequent loss of open land. The Land Trust provides a means by which the beautiful woodlands, meadows, marshes, and farmlands, which give Winchester its picturesque and rural character, can be preserved forever. In the first 16 years, the trust secured 9 properties totaling about 26 acres. From 2004 to the present, the trust has increased the number of acres we protect to 361. We own 311 acres outright, and protect another 50 acres with easements. At the same time, our membership has tripled.

The land trust supplies three nice color maps for your hiking pleasure. Granted, one of those trails (The Old Crossroad Trail) is a 1,500 foot straight dirt road and nothing more. But I’ll hike it – because the WLT made a map of it.

And I appreciate the effort.

Winchester Land Trust Trails

Ehrich Woods Trail
Hurlbut Field – Winchester Lake Loop
Old Crossroad Trail


Winchester Land Trust
CTMQ’s Land Trust Trails

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