Owens Brook Trail

Owens Brook Trail
Simsbury Land Trust

November 3, 2013

obbI went to see longtime online friend and Courant writer Peter Marteka give a presentation at the Simsbury Library all about “Hidden Hikes in Connecticut.” Easily one of my favorite topics in the world and the talk did not disappoint.

Afterward, charged with excitement, I went up route 10 a short way to knock off another little Simsbury Land Trust hike.

Well, no. Talk about a “hidden hike in Connecticut.” This trail is so hidden it’s not there. Here’s the SLT description of it:

This is a wooded trail to the south of Owens Brook Boulevard. It runs through Town Open space and is red blazed. A trail sign is located west and across the street from Owens Brook Circle. Access here or midway between Musket Trail and Winterset Lane or at the corner of Route 10 and Owens Brook Boulevard.

I walked the paved path between Owens Brook Circle and Musket and Winterset and saw nothing. I went into the woods and followed the stream and saw nothing. I did take these two pictures though.

Even if this trail somehow exists and I’m blind, you can see houses on either side of its very short quarter-mile length.

So I left and went to go look for Simsbury’s great blue heron rookery.

I have fun.

Abandoned swing near the abandoned trail

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