Torrington Trails

tt1.jpgBeing the nut that I am, determining the best way to present the so-called Torrington Trails has been a challenge. I began wondering about it while still hiking them and it has plagued me to this day. Since no one has attempted to chronicle all of Connecticut’s 825 miles of CFPA trails, I’m breaking new ground.

The Walk Book lumps the trails together under the Torrington Trails heading, but separates them out for the CT 400(825) list. So I’m following suit. You are now reading – and wondering why you are reading – the intro page. And I’m still writing more, even though I’m not really saying a darn thing.

The Torrington Trails include the Alain and May White Nature Trails in Sunnybrook State Park (there are 5 of them), the Wolcott Trail which loops around Burr Pond in Burr Pond State Park (nowhere near the town of Wolcott), and the John Muir Trail which connect the two state parks through the Paugnut State Forest. This nicely laid out system of continuous trails meanders for about 11.5 miles over rolling, forested terrain that varies in elevation from 800 to 1325 feet, a lot of it along the Naugatuck River and its tributaries. It’s all quite nice, actually.

Of course, when you’re a lone wolf like myself you must backtrack a healthy amount, so that 11.5 miles becomes something more like 14 miles, but I won’t quibble. In fact, if you add up the miles below, it doesn’t come close to 11.5, so something in the Walk Book is askew. Eh, I’ll write about them and sort it all out.

John Muir Trail 2.1 Miles
Alain and May While Nature Trails 4.1 Miles
Burr Pond State Park Trails (Wolcott Trail & Connector) 3.0 Miles

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