Canton Land Conservation Trust Trails

Canton Land Conservation Trust Trails
Canton (duh)

fbf214c633f6afe44cf083b9b409f8d9You know, I just went to grab my Simsbury Land Trust intro page to use as a template for this page and holy crap, I wrote a lot over there. (See, check out – it’s interesting crap, but there’s a lot of it.)

I’ll try to be more brief here with Canton. Heck, it would be hard not to be.

When most people think of Canton, they think of the route 44 corridor. The built up area including, most notably, the Shoppes at Farmington Valley. The Shoppes used to be a golf course, which in my mind, are just as environmentally damaging as a giant shopping “experience.”

But north of 44 – only YARDS north of 44 in places, Canton is a wild and beautiful place. North Canton? Forget about it! There are parts of it that look positively Vermontish. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven through West Simsbury to North Canton and have found myself on tiny roads snaking down valleys that just seem way too pristine to be Canton, CT.

cantonI love that area. Love it silly. So when I (foolishly) decided to get cracking on CT’s Land Trust (etc.) properties, I was excited to see what Canton has to offer. I was more excited when I came to learn the answer: a goodly amount.

The trails are all pretty short and the broken up parcels of land trust land are all pretty small. But so what? Cobbled together, I know they will be really cool even as I write this before hiking in them. And once again, the online information doesn’t match 100% with the hardcopy stuff I’ve obtained, but so be it. With my land trust sections, as opposed to my CFPA trail sections, I’m not all about OCD completion. I skip trails here and there and some of my reports will be lacking the usual CTMQ verbosity.

And for that, you can all thank your lucky stars.

Side note: I’m writing this page when my younger son is two-and-a-half. He loves hiking and I’ve found short little trails like some of these are perfect for him. And therefore, perfect for me.

Canton Land Conservation Trust
Properties and Maps


The Hikes:

Not really CLCT Trails Trail

Arnold Preserve Trail, October 23, 2013

Mary Conklin Sanctuary Trails

Ray Smith Trail
Tommy Ryan Trail

Smith Tree Farm Trails

Charlotte Craig Trail
Ted Wright Trail

Sun, Wind, and Woodland Trails

Arthur & Eunice Sweeton Trail
Barbour Woods Trail
Barbour Woods Trail Spur
Sun, Wind and Woodland Trail
Breezy Hill Farm Trails
Tom Perry Trail

Swan Preserve and Winsor Woods Trails

Swan Green Trail
Swan Red Trail
Swan Yellow Trail
Winsor Woods Trails

Sweetheart Mountain Trails

Red Trail
Red and Yellow Trail
Yellow Trail

(a.k.a. The Hickory Trail, Hickory Loop Trail, and Mother’s Meadow Trail from the old ski days)

Uplands Preserve Trails

Blue Trail
Yellow Trail


CTMQ’s Land Trust Trails Page
CTMQ’s Non-CFPA Trails page

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