Tunxis Regional Trails

tun1c.JPGAs mentioned in the Tunxis Mainline Trail introduction, the “Tunxis Trail” is actually 18 trails – one that goes from Southington to the MA border at East Hartland (with a few breaks along the way) and then 17 other trails that are all sort of called the Tunxis Trail.

In fact, if you are driving on Route 69 in Burlington, you’ll find that the “Tunxis Trail” crosses that road several times. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the trail just zig-zags across that road over and over again. Alas, they are actually different trails all with the same designation.

I hope to make sense of this mess somehow and present my trip reports of the “Regional” trails (as I call them) separately. Some of these trails make for better hikes than the Mainline Tunxis. Some do not. And some… really, really do not.

Whatever, I’ll hike them all.

Southington Region Trails

  • South – 2/17/2008
  • North – 3/22/2008
  • Burlington Region Trails

  • West – 4/27/2008
  • North/East – 6/29/2008
  • South/Nature Center Connector – 11/16/2008
  • Nepaug Region

  • Nepaug Region Trails – 3/16/2008
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