Defunct 12: Pardee-Morris House

Pardee Like It’s 1699
New Haven

July 21, 2007

I have recently received word (summer of 2010) that the Pardee-Morris House has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes and is once again a welcoming historic house museum!

I’m not going to delete the page this links to however, because the content is so good (it’s not mine) and the comments are compelling. But know this: I will visit the Pardee-Morris House again! Huzzah!

Read about our defunct adventure here.

3 responses to “Defunct 12: Pardee-Morris House”

  1. Laura Pardee says:

    Hello my name is Laura Pardee and im a relative of George Pardee. My parents have picures of the house when you could visit the inside. I was just up there this weekend and it looked like it was in bad shape but not too bad. George made his money in the shipping business he was one of the first in the area. He help build the town of New Haven if u go to Yale University Library there is a section on the Pardee-Morris House. There is also a park by the water that is deticated to George.

  2. James Brown says:

    Laura, my mom is a Pardee and would love see the inside house pictures.

  3. June Gulick says:

    My g-g-grandfather was Henry Pardee his wife was Sophia Rhyinike. Their son Henry L was my g-grandfather; his daughter Florence Pardee Mahnke was my grandmother. Her daughter Mildred Mahnke Gulick was my mother. I am wondering if these Pardee’s are related to the builders of the Pardee-Morris House.

    Henry Sr. and Sophia were born in Germany. Henry Jr. was born in New York city.

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