48. Connecticut Hall of Fame

Yay Connecticut!
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May 12, 2008


mq47d.jpgI could be accused of padding my numbers with this entry, but I’m not. While touring the State Capitol and its Legislative offices (Way more interesting than it sounds) I was drawn and excited by a large signage stating “Connecticut Hall of Fame.” Surely this was a wonderful bonus to my tour!

A couple (other people apparently tour Legislative Office buildings on random Monday afternoons) sarcastically told me to get prepared for the Hall which put a pep in my step as I approached. The little space was very nice and had a fresh coat of paint. The view back across the impressive central hall of the building was really pretty cool. But the Hall itself?

Um. No.

Apparently only three people are worthy – so we’re either really lame or really tough; you choose. Your Connecticut Hall of Famers are:

Mark Twain
Katherine Hepburn
Igor Sikorsky

There is a very nice shiny trashcan there.

That is all. Twain and Sikorsky have museums dedicated to them, but all that’s left of Ms. Hepburn is her grave over at Cedar Hill. (CTMQ visit here) Here… read the (slightly edited by me – but NOT the weird nicknaming thing) press release:

Hartford – The members of the Connecticut Hall of Fame Committee and legislative leaders have formally unveiled plans for the creation of the Connecticut Hall of Fame to recognize the outstanding achievements of Connecticut individuals. The committee is composed of Senators Joseph “Slippery Joe” Crisco (D-Woodbridge), John “Irish Eyes” McKinney (R-Fairfield) and Representatives Elizabeth “Betty”  Boukus (D-Plainville), Michael “The Vulture” Caron (R- Danielson).

mq47b.jpgThe Connecticut Hall of Fame will be located in the break-out area of the second floor of the Legislative Office Building (L.O.B). The designation will appear across the top of the entryway. The names of the inductees will be installed on the walls on both sides of the break-out area. All lettering will be in brass.

The hall of fame is designed to recognize those individuals from Connecticut who have distinguished themselves in their professions, nationally or internationally. It will also have an education function because of the great number of students who visit the Capitol and L.O.B. annually.

The selection process is scheduled to get underway after June 30, the deadline for submitting nominations. During the first round of nominations, the committee will select up to six individuals for awards, three of which will be posthumous. The Connecticut Historical Society, the State Library, the Legislative Library, and other libraries and individuals will be invited to nominate people for consideration.

An appropriate award will be presented to or on behalf of inductees, and the day of the award ceremony will be designated as “Connecticut Hall of Fame Day.”

mq47c.jpgFunding for the Connecticut Hall of Fame is expected to come from corporate contributions, grants, and contributions from individuals, foundations and, potentially, appropriate state agencies

You know what, Connecticut? I got this one… it’s on me. I have seven bucks to spare for another name.

Even more ridiculous is that my Googling this stuff has allowed me to stumble on several more HoF’s. Mostly just lobbies with plaques, but HoF’s nonetheless. Do I have to visit them? Like the CT Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame? Yes? Sigh.

Update: In subsequent years the HoF has added a few more people. Paul Newman, Marian Anderson, Jackie Robinson, Harry Gray and Ralph Sturges.


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Cost: Free!
Hours: 9-4 but closed all the time because it’s a state building
Food & Drink? This is only worth one of those street vendor carts outside
Children? Spare them
You’ll like it if: You find all those names and bios in real HoF’s mere distractions
You won’t like it if: You won’t. Trust me.
Freebies: None

For the Curious:

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3 responses to “48. Connecticut Hall of Fame”

  1. Loucindy says:

    What’s even more interesting than the small number of people on this list is that only one of them (Katherine Hepburn) was actually born in Connecticut.
    What about historical figures like Eli Whitney, Noah Webster, and Harriet Beecher Stowe? They have a legitimate claim to be on the state’s hall of fame.

  2. Rob says:

    No Nathan Hale?? Isn’t he the Connecticut State Hero?

  3. Steve says:

    No me?

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