CTOQ Challenge

Connecticut Outdoor Challenge

Believe it or not, I’ve been contacted and prodded by several different people over the years to create some sort of challenge list. “Climb all the towers!” they say. Or, “swim in every swimming hole!” (Those are both very real suggestions from readers.)

So instead of a pigeon-holed challenge list, I’ve created my own challenge that covers a wide breadth of outdoor activities. The CTOC incorporates a few other “official” challenge lists and it will take you multiple years to complete it.

Which is the point, of course. To take your time enjoying every corner of our state.

The Rules

1. Have fun and be safe
2. There is no time limit on the CTOC. You have until you die I guess.
3. You may attempt the challenge in any order you deem best
4. You cannot sue me if you get hurt or besmirched at or anything. This is all on you.
5. To complete the challenge, you WILL have to spend money, though I’ve tried to limit that as much as possible – note that off-season visitations are often free.
6. As with all hiking and peak-bagging challenges of a similar bent, completions are based on trust. However, since everyone has a digital camera/phone these days, I think it would be fun to compile CTOC Completer photo logs. Therefore, you must submit 25 photos (half of the challenge items) with your completed log. Just imagine the glory and fame that you’ll enjoy upon doing so.
7. Complete the logbook with correct dates. (Previously completed tasks count of course, dates can be approximate)
8. Feel free to keep me posted on your progress and I’ll keep a running tally on the site.
9. You have the Internet; way-finding and route choice is half the fun. Don’t bother me about it.
10. While driving to and fro, use your turn signal. If you don’t, you are disqualified.

The Rewards

As I’m fairly confident no one other than me will ever do this, I should come up with some ridiculous reward. Like a new car or something. But let’s say… a handsome, frame-worthy certificate of completion, maybe a patch (I have time), and when you see the last task to complete on the list, that’s a reward in itself.

***This is a fairly hardcore challenge. Hence the word “challenge.”***

The Connecticut Outdoor Challenge List
Pdf Logbook

Falls along Falls Brook Trail, Hartland

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