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Parakeet_fsA CTMQ endorsement is tough to earn. I hate advertising and find most ads abhorrent. But every now and then even I feel it necessary to get the word out there about something I believe in.

And I believe in Ben Carroll. Yes, I’ve met him and yes, I’ve chatted with his mother over email and in person. So what? Ben is an amazing young man with a talent for painting and you should support him by buying a print or two. (I bought three.)

Ben Carroll was born in Bulgaria, in July of 1994. He was placed in an orphanage and basically neglected. When he was 18 months old, Ed and Laura-Lee Carroll took him into their hearts and into their home and the healing began. Diagnosed with autism, Ben and his mom went to the Children’s Hospital twice a week for years for speech and occupational therapy while mom was also homeschooling Ben.

That’s right, Ben has autism. And he (and Laura-Lee ) serve as an inspiration to me and Hoang as we continue to search for Damian’s hidden talents. For now, Ben’s prints proudly hang in Damian’s room and you, dear reader, should think about doing the same.

Ben’s prints here

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