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Paladini Seafood Sauces

logoDamian’s genetic disorder syndrome gets no press, no Hollywood types wearing bracelets or ribbons for it, and no telethons or government initiatives. That’s not to say there aren’t some people out there trying to help.

Kiki Paladini is one such person. Retired, he began selling his seafood sauces as a hobby. The high quality of his products has led to it being fairly lucrative and distributed nationally. Why do I care?

Because Paladini gives 100% of it’s profits to Smith-Magenis research. ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT. His granddaughter has SMS. So please, if you happen to see some Paladini sauce, think about buying some and helping Damian and other SMS kids and families everywhere.

And a massive – as you would say, grazie! – to Kiki Paladini from us. You’re the man!

Paladini Seafood Sauces
The Paladini (and SMS) story
Where to buy the sauce
Damian’s Story

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