A Wiener in Mianus

I Had to Have a Wiener in Mianus

[With apologies to Jackass and others who have previously documented this same experience.]

miaI just spent an entire day with my friend Rob C doing CTMQ things in Greenwich and Stamford. We saw a bunch of museums and several other types of things you’ve come to expect from this blog. But now, only 48 hours removed from our day together, I choose to first write about how much I enjoyed a wiener in Mianus.

It’s something I first learned about many years ago when it first captured my imagination. I mean, I’ve enjoyed many wieners in many places, but never before in Mianus. Everything just sort of “fell into place” for me the other day, and before I knew it, I had a wiener in Mianus.

Rob and I stopped at Joey B’s Famous Chili Hub in Cos Cob, very near Mianus. We had lunch there and I asked for a wiener to go. Go where? Why, into Mianus of course!


I drove a little ways, hit some traffic, then slowly took the wiener into Mianus.


I was still hungry, so I must say it felt good to have a wiener in Mianus.

Even so, I was feeling magnanimous, so I let Rob taste the wiener in Mianus:


Before finishing it off, due to the twists and turns of the Mianus River, I took the wiener in and out of Mianus several times, but I did document the moment I finished off the wiener in Mianus:


I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something special about the first time one has a wiener in Mianus.

Some facts about Mianus

And I’d love to link some of the Jackass Mianus stuff, but the folks who own the footage disallow such things to happen.

2 responses to “A Wiener in Mianus”

  1. Scott says:

    How does this page not have any comments?? This may be the best page on CTMQ!

    I have never had a wiener in Mianus, but I did enjoy the short period of time that the three of us were in Mianus.

  2. Steve says:

    Loved this story eventhough im 31 and maybe share the sense of humor of a child but so what. But there definitely needs to be more laughter. If you find this story to not be funny you are too uptight.

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