Helen Keller’s House

Can’t Hardly See or Hear the Road From There

hk1A rarity: I sought out a house that does not appear on any list or any trail nor does it have a museum inside it.

It is merely the house that Helen Keller lived in during her final years on this great blue marble called Earth. That’s all, nothing more. Perhaps someday it will be a museum or a National Historic Landmark (I’d expect it), so I’m just getting ahead in the game with this post.

On June 1, 1968, the deaf and blind activist Helen Keller died at the age of 87 in her Easton, Connecticut home, where she chose to spend her final days. She’s buried at the National Cemetery in DC though.

It must be said that the drive to the house, from any of the four roads that intersect at its driveway, is beautiful. The address can be found elsewhere online, but I won’t reprint it here, even though it is quite recessed from the road.

Easton is a very sleepy town, much like Weston next door. There is no town center and very little business here. Lots of old stone walls and old growth forest though. It’s, quite simply, beautiful.


Here’s a 2002 article about Easton from the NYT – nothing has changed since then and I doubt it will here for a long time.

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  1. karen gates says:

    learning about helen keller for school report

  2. Amanda Malota says:

    We are learning about Helen for a school report. My son wanted to visit her house like we visited the Judson and Perry Houses in Stratford, CT. I hope to see a museum soon!!

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