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February 2010 issue of Connecticut Magazine – It’s here: An article about yours truly! (See below.)

Dan called me out of the blue one night from his place down in Yale in November or December 2008. I ignored him. So he wrote to me. I stalled him. Months went by…

And I was on leave from work dealing with Damian by the last spring of 2009 so we re-connected, chatted a few times and then spent an entire day together. Here was our day – which is sort of fun to read as a companion to the article:

My “Profile day” with Dan:

1. American School for the Deaf Museum, West Hartford
2. Buttolph-Williams House, Wethersfield
3. Failed attempt to find geographic center of state, East Berlin:

The center of the state is behind me somewhere, in those woods down in a swamp. Someday…

4. Failed tour of Olde Burnside Brewing, East Hartford (They never answered the door.)
5. Manchester History Center, Manchester
6. Vernon History Museum, Vernon/Rockville
7. Lock Museum of America, Terryville
8. Plainville Library Museum, Plainville
9. Wait 9 months for article to be published
9a. (Photo shoot by Jane Shauck at the Waterbury Button Museum.)

And here we are, well done Dan and thank you for calling my frame “athletic.” A big thank-you to Jerry Dougherty for hooking me up with the jpegged images of the article. His work, by the way, is nothing short of heroic.





12 responses to “Connecticut Magazine Profile”

  1. Jenny says:

    I think Steve Wood “is awesome.”

  2. honeybunny says:

    I like Steve’s “oddball sense of humor”.
    Thumbs up.


  3. Tom says:

    Wow – great article! I also enjoyed comparing the profile with the original CTMQ experience.

  4. Mindy says:

    This must be the guy you were telling me about that followed you to our little museum! Great job as always!

  5. T-Bag says:

    I want more pictures of your “athletic, 36-year-old frame.”

    But seriously, this is really awesome. Next up: Time Magazine.

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  7. Hiro says:

    What a fun article! Congratulations — mostly on the “athletic frame.” I’d kill for someone to say that about me.

  8. Verna Sell says:

    Congrats Steve-I’m glad you’re destroying the myth! It’s a stunningly beautiful photo of you.

  9. Jude says:

    Great article! For die-hard Steve fans, see also: (though, inexplicably, it fails to mention the athletic bod, err, “frame”).

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  11. Kevin says:

    What a fun article! Congratulations — mostly on the “athletic frame.” I’d kill for someone to say that about me.

  12. Christine says:

    Yah, my Uncle (Uncle Steve)has better humor than his sister, my mom!! lolz

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