Frog Rock (Cornwall Bridge)

Lamest Post Ever?
Frog Rock, Cornwall Bridge

November 29, 2009

rockEh. Since I started blogging about other roadside painted rock animals, I guess I have to continue. Though, I must admit, some of the stories behind some of the rocks are pretty cool. Notably, the much cooler Frog Rock in Eastford a page which gets an inordinate amount of hits and links to it.

But some are merely painted rocks beside roads.

Like this little one on the west side of Route 7 just north of its intersection with route 45.

And yes, this picture was taken through my windshield at speed. Some things – very few, of course – are simply not worth stopping for… Sorry.

2012 Update: You’d think by now I would realize that EVERYTHING has a story. Including this rock, which has been around for a long, long time. (Yes, I know the rock is very old, I’m talking about the painting). I received an email from a Marge in Florida. I think you’ll find it interesting:

Message: Frog Rock Cornwall ,In 1948, when I was 14, my brother and I painted big eyes, mouth, teeth on the rock and added a red stone for a tongue. We repainted it for the next few years. It became a local “landmark” that people looked for while coming and going. After I moved away, others took over. The grass and trees were cut around it and fresh paint added. It turned into a green frog. This had been done anonymously. Over the years there had been speculation about who started this and when. Finally in 2006, after reading an article sent to me (I live in Florida)speculating about the origin of the rock painting, I contacted the Lakeville Journal with my story. Soon after, I was contacted by the Republican-American for a story. It is amusing that this has continued for over 60 years.

Well done, Marge, and thanks for reaching out!

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6 responses to “Frog Rock (Cornwall Bridge)”

  1. Brandon says:

    There is another “interesting” painted animal rock that I saw on our drive to Hurd State Park down in East Hampton. It looked like an orange T-Rex. I think it was on the east side of 66 just south of 2. You can add that one to your list.

  2. Diana says:

    Do you have any more info on the Frog Rock?

  3. Annabelle says:

    Believe it or not, this rock used to scare the crap out of us when we drove past it on the way to the doctors office in Sharon. We called it Monster Rock. It didnt look as friendly as this 50 years ago!

  4. Cathy Wilson says:

    That was my mother in law that started that painting, Marge Wilson (along with some friends). I’d heard about it in the ’70′s and even then people were trying to find out its origin but nobody was talking. There was still an aire of ‘we might get in trouble’ that turned into “its fun hearing people ask about it and all the different made up stories”. Apparently when nobody accepted the ‘blame’ or ‘took credit’, others stepped up and decided to make up their own story about how they were the first to paint that Rock. Fortunately Mom was with others who are still alive and haven’t forgotten. Witnesses are always good. Well, as long as nobody’s getting hurt!

  5. karen bishop says:

    Yup. My Aunt Margaret (Grusauski) Wilson and my father (John M. Grusauski, now deceased) painted that rock back in the day (circa 1947). It is near the old one room schoolhouse building on route 7 between Kent Falls. I grew up a few miles down the road in Kent, and our parents would point it out to us each time we would drive by, and hear the story again and again. We continue that tradition with our children now. I DO have that article and when i locate it i will scan it in and see if i can post it to this site.
    It is known as Frog Rock or Monster Rock.

    Speaking of painted rocks, note that there is a large one painted with the numbers of each year’s graduating class diagonally across the street from the Kent School hockey rink; a nice but steep hike is rewarded by a beautiful view of the town.

  6. Janice Bernard says:

    Go Girl!!!
    The fun generated by this rock sculpture-painting is immeasurable and has been now for three generations! As a child my dad took great pleasure in driving us passed, stirring mounting anticipation of the monster pouncing as we passed. Never did we have a clue that he knew the artists or origin and no one I am aware of was quite so capable of generating the anticipation of seeing this favorite Cornwall site.. sweet memories.

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