Harry’s Place

Anything But a “Harrying” Experience
104 Broadway (Route 85), Colchester

Cost: a few bucks

Harry’s is far, far more well known for their burgers and hot dogs. People come from far and wide to stand in line for them. Heck, I did as well, as part of my attempt to eat all 61 things on ’s list of stuff I need to eat in Connecticut before I die. But I find ice cream far more enjoyable than fried ground beef.

Understanding how impossible it was for the Sterns to limit their “Must eat” ice cream section to a mere seven choices, I can forgive them for missing a few.

Harry’s has darn good ice cream. Rich and creamy, this is the real stuff. But I’ve got to be honest with you… The real reason I’m writing this post is because I love this picture of Hoang and Damian enjoying their frozen treats:


I don’t really know why I like it so much. Hoang doesn’t get it. I think because it’s so natural; that is, we had just spent the day at the beach so there was no make-up or hair products or any care at all as to our appearances. And yet, Hoang looks incredible. Damian’s joy really comes through in the shot too, which has an odd quality of looking like I used a flash, but it was just the natural sunlight.

Hey man, I can brag about my family here once in a while… Even under the auspices of a post about some really good ice cream.

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