Connecticut Cheese Trail

catjThere currently is no such thing as the Connecticut Cheese Trail. So I made it up a while back. In my very amateur opinion, our cheeses are better than our wines, and we do have a CT Wine Trail. Below are my visits to the cheesemakers around that state of which I’m aware.

Drop me a line if you know of any other licensed Connecticut cheesemakers. If they only sell milk, I’m not interested at this time.

Note: These places (and my write-ups) are often about more than just the cheese though if you’re looking specifically for farms that make great ice cream, you may have better luck here.If you’re looking for farms with open houses and/or petting zoos and such, Go to this CTMQ page.


Juustoleipa Cheese at UConn Dairy Bar, Storrs, 7/17/2009
Animals, Farmer Cheese, Milk and Ice Cream at Fish Family Farm, Bolton, 8/7/2009
Cheese at Cato Corner Farm, Colchester, 8/15/2009
Beaver Brook Farms, Lyme, 8/24/2009
Goats and Food at Bush Meadow Farm, Union, 11/7/2009
Horses and bleu cheese at Rustling Wind Creamery, Falls Village, 11/29/2009
Goats and their cheese at Beltane Farm, Lebanon, 5/16/2010
Sweet Pea Cheese, North Granby
Liuzzi Cheese, North Haven
M&K Dairy Ladies Of Levita Road, Lebanon, 3/12/2011
Griffin Farmstand Dairy, East Granby
Meadowstone Farm, Brooklyn
Arethusa Farms, Litchfield
Hastings Family Farm, Suffield

To Be Visited:

Many of these listed below say they have plans to make cheese in the future. Some used to say that but no longer do in 2012, but I’ll keep ‘em on this list for another year or so.

Calabro Cheese Corp, East Haven
Deerfield Farm, Durham
Bitta-Blue Farm, Killingworth (maybe)
Lost Ruby Farm, Norfolk
Monastic Art Shop, Bethlehem
Mountain Dairy, Mansfield (cottage cheese)
Purity Farms, Plainfield (no cheese yet, but with a museum-to-be?)
Beech Tree Ranch, Bloomfield
Oak Leaf Dairy, Lebanon

Bush Meadow Farm, Union

4 responses to “Connecticut Cheese Trail”

  1. Sport Hill Farm says:

    one of the newer farms – established in 2001. excellent organic vegetables, pasture raised eggs, CSA, crop cash program, new farm to chef connect program and many other educational opportunities (including a wonderful day camp my children have attended). owner Patti Popp is terrific!

  2. Laurie Rayner says:

    Connecticut – Making Cheese Is Her Calling – Make That Her Second …
    Dec 21, 2003 · A nun’s scholarly commitment to cheese has … had made by hand at the Benedictine abbey in Bethlehem … One evening after singing their Gregorian chants at …

  3. Steve says:


    I’ve actually been to Regina Laudis now 4 or 5 times and have yet to hit it when the cheese is available. (Well, it was one time but I was told I had to buy a whole giant wheel – and I didn’t even get a taste.) And there were 2 or 3 other times I’ve been out near Bethlehem and have given them a call ahead to no avail.

    It’s become a running joke in my house – and a bit of a challenge. When will we ever get some nun cheese? (as we affectionately call it.) I’ve heard and read it’s excellent.

    Some day…

  4. Beech Tree Ranch says:

    We have cheese !!!! We would love for you to visit. As of right now our products are honor system on the back porch but soon the farm stand will be open.

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