Addendum II: Links

General Connecticut Blogs I Enjoy

CT BlogList (Just an RSS Aggregator)
The Size of Connecticut – my favorite blog of all
Historic Buildings of CT blog
In The Field Southern/Central CT Outdoorsy stuff
Brownstone Birder – CT birding blog
Damned Connecticut Like a CTMQ that focuses on the odd
Kymry – photography and birds
Rob Dobi’s photography -Destructo-Post Urban CT
Soundbounder – CT Coastal Sailing and photography
Connecticut Monuments – Just what it says it is
Hidden in Plain Sight (mostly Litchfield, but good.)

West Hartford/Hartford Area Blogs I Enjoy

Real Hartford



Proof that I’m not Alone
Twelve Mile Circle – Not CT, but wonderful nonetheless.
This guy has photographed every single town thoroughly – he’s a hero
This guy went to the highest point in all 8 CT counties
This guy went to the “most” points in CT He’s committed.
This guy loves CT’s highways (real and planned) – endless fun
This guy loves all CT waterfalls
This guy has catalogued all defunct CT Ski areas – cool site.
This lady is visiting all CT towns


Connecticut History and Facts:

CT Historical Markers Database
ConneCT Kids – Great resource for your kids
Hartford Courant’s CT Attractions Series
The Connecticut League of History Organizations
Connecticut Landmarks
Historic Barns of CT
Town Greens of CT
Satellite pictures of famous CT resident’s homes (with maps!)
CT Brewery history

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    What a great blog for CT folks and visitors alike! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures in museuming (is that a word?)

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