Iron Heritage Trail (6 Tours)

This trail’s web presence is confusing and lacking. Undaunted, I contacted the Salisbury (CT) Town Historian, Katherine Chilcoat, who sent me an excellent brochure and map of the trail. It is published by the Upper Housatonic Valley Heritage Area and appears to be a work in progress.

Between the Lakes seems to be be helping in developing the Trail and I found Limerock’s Trinity Episcopal Church has some association. Trinity Church is the oldest structure built by the iron industry that is still under the same ownership and still in use for its original purpose!

There are 9 separate tours; 5 of which are wholly in Connecticut and a sixth with has a couple New York stops we’ll be skipping. The UHVHA denotes the tours using Roman numerals, so I will follow suit.


Tour I. Beckley Furnace, Centerpiece of the Iron Heritage Trail (Site 1)
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Tour II. Beckley Furnace to Norfolk and Colebrook (Sites 2-4)

Tour III. Beckley Furnace to North Canaan, Falls Village adn Amesville, CT (Sites 5-10)

Tour IV. Salisbury, Mount Riga and Lakeville (Sites 11-15)

Tour V. Lime Rock to Sharon (Sites 16-23 – plus 2 in NY)

Tour VI. Sharon, Cornwall, Kent and Roxbury, CT (Sites 26-32)

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