Griswold (1)

Glasgo (Mill Village) section of Griswold,
Intersection of Routes 201 and 165

After a morning of hiking in the area, I made it a point to detour slightly south to hit this Freedom Trail spot. Glasgo is a tiny little hamlet within the town of Griswold that I don’t think I knew existed until this week. After reading the description below from the official Freedom Trail site, I must say I’m a bit bummed that the house wasn’t specified. Oh well.


This village was named for Isaac Glasko, a man of mixed Native American and African American heritage, who purchased land in 1806 and established a blacksmith shop in what is now the center of Glasgo. He harnessed waterpower to a triphammer and produced farming and carpentry tools. When the whaling industry was at its height, Glasko specialized in whaling implements for which he held several patents. His harpoons, lances, spades, and mining knives were well-known in the ports of New England. Glasko’s daughter, Eliza, attended the Prudence Crandall School in Canterbury in the 1833-1834 period. His house still stands, although it has been considerably altered. The graves of Isaac Glasko and his wife are in a nearby but not easily accessible cemetery.

Glasko’s Freedom Quilt close-up

CTMQ’s Concept of Freedom Trail

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