Riverview Farms

Hay Kids
Riverview Farms, Glastonbury

October 18, 2008

This place has become a go-to on random fall weekend when we happen to be driving along Route 2 through Glastonbury. And it’s not just for the view:

My next long-distance trail to do – The Shenipsit – traverses those hills (Update: Shenipsit, completed!)

It’s easy to get to off the highway so everytime we go we buy apple fritters. On the day these pictures were taken, we arrived and bought a second bag of six apple fritters (Damian almost single-handedly ate the first bag we bought back at the oldest cider mill in the country) and poked around. Damian was first drawn to things like putting rocks on top of pumpkins and kicking dust, but once he saw the free ranging goats, he was sold.

rfb.jpgI’m sure there are plenty of petting zoos that allow for kids to walk amongst the goats, but this was a first for us. And Damian absolutely loved it. Loved it silly. He has no fear of animals at all, and just ran around squealing and chasing various goats to and fro. He also chased a chicken all about as well.

There was an emu and some pigs and some cows and a llama and two turkeys and probably more that we didn’t notice. There was a little pen with a bunch of chicks (although almost chickens) that Damian was allowed to hold and pet. Again – he was so happy… It was great. We highly recommend this place in South Glastonbury.

Damian’s always been good with the chicks

The following pictures are quotes from Damian at the time:

“Oh Papa, you wish I wanted to get down. No… I think I’ll have you carry me 200 yards to the cows, thanks.”

“Hey lady, why do you purposely paint your fingernails blue?”

“Gather ’round everybody, I’ve got a trick goat here for y’all to see!”

“Step right up, step right up! Just a dollar will get you front row to see my magic goat!”

“First, I shall hypnotize him like so…”

“You see friends! He is totally in a trance! He now will Presto Chango and… Let me get my papa to pick me up and…”

“Tada!! He grew another head!”

How awesome is that? It’s Toggy, the two-headed goat! She was born on January 21st this year, right in the room we were standing in! Just a genetic abnormality, Toggy had two spines too, but only one set of organs. I think it was still-born, but mama popped out another kid who lived to be fine. Here’s a better shot:

Keep your chins up, kid

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Riverview Farms – Hurry, it’s only open early Sept-Halloween!


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